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Buckle up, cause you are in for an exciting ride with us and Congratulations on taking your first step. We would like you to know that we have full faith in your entrepreneurial spirit and passion for the wellness industry and you are a great fit for it. As a franchise partner, it is a win-win for both the parties as you are not only helping the growth of a wellness culture but will also be benefiting from our established brand and business model.  Contact us for any queries or to discuss on any of the above mentioned points in great detail.

We envision to provide all essential wellness services under one roof. It isn’t just limited to
salon services but also includes experienced dietitians consultation, an ayurvedic spa centre
and so on. Homosapies as a brand not just gives you a source of income but also immense
number of opportunities to grow as an individual.

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Why franchise homosapiens?

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Follow success models.

Expert marketing team.

Celebrity collaboration.

Our experienced group of professionals strive to provide a healthy beauty culture.

Provide consultation and well experienced business guides for accountability.

Product purchase-> International standard products-> vendors tie ups.

Direct involvement of experts.

Keep an eye on growth indicators

Product diversity in unique products.

Work with modern technologies.

High rewards at low risks.


1. Location, Feasibility Study, Architecture, Layout and Designing of Space:

We not only care for our customers rather stand in support of every individual who is trying to be a part of HomoSapiens family. We provide the best help in every means possible be it Location analysis, feasibility study, the architecture, or the layout and designing of the space. Every element that contributes to a relaxed environment shall be taken care of by us.

2.Purchase of Materials and Installation:

We prefer quality over quantity not only for the beauty products but also in construction materials. Everything is handled by experts be it
purchase of materials or proper installation in the space.

3.Recruitment and Onboarding of Staff:

We also help you with smooth onboarding and recruitment of staffs. As we expect every staff to be experienced and well trained to provide
the best services to our customers

4.International Products and Vendor tie-ups:

We also extend our support in the Product purchase segment where we provide tie-ups with vendors that will provide you with
International Standard products which are the best in quality and are environment friendly

Launch support:

• Our team takes care of everything from Inauguration, Planning and Execution along with Social Media Marketing and PR all of it is taken care of. All you need is the will to expand our brand at its best.

• We also provide you with the best sales and incremental strategies

• Audits( 2x and 3x cash flow, 4 financial pillars)

•With the launch we provide the centre with a lot of Promotional offers to grab maximum customer attention.

• And the best among all is the Homosapiens loyalty membership programs and an Exclusive Listing on our website to increase the franchise visibility and reach among the people.


The modern lifestyle that we all are following, the overall wellbeing of an individual plays a vital role. Not just the outer beauty but the inner beauty also needs to be taken care of. A salon is an overall wellness centre where a client experiences their “ME” time far from the rush of their day to day life. We thrive to provide the best services and care which undoubtedly is going to be one of the best experiences one can feel. Investing in a salon and wellness care business can be a profitable venture for several reasons. Here are some reasons why:

Growing industry

As people become more conscious of their appearance and seek to enhance their physical attractiveness,the salon business will constantly experience growth. Infact the beauty and wellness industry is indeed growing rapidly, with increasing demand for services such as haircuts, massages, facials, and other beauty treatments.


No matter how the market conditions are once you start prioritizing and parcticisng self care there is no going back which makes the salon and wellness industry recession-proof

Repeat customers

Any business wants to retain their customers and once your provide a high class experience your customer will definitely come for more. The core of a salon and wellness business is it repetitive customers which leads to a stable customer base and predictable revenue streams

Diverse revenue streams

Salon and wellness businesses offer a wide range of services, which can include haircuts, manicures, pedicures, massages, skincare, and other beauty treatments. The opportunity in this field is insane and there’s no way it will show a negative turn

Low startup costs

Starting a salon or wellness business can be relatively inexpensive compared to other businesses. The will to start is all you need, once a customer base is established and the business starts growing one can expand along with it