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Hair cutting and styling

As is the case when it comes to hair, you may often find the idea of having to choose between different types of hairstyles very confusing. The professional Hair Stylists at Homosapiens have the unique knack of giving your hair the flawless look you have always dreamed .

Beard shaving and Dressing

Most people tend to be mainly particular about the shaping and trimming of Mustache but you cannot nevertheless overlook how central beard is to your overall appearance. Since beard often takes up a large portion of your facial area, you have to be considerably more careful in shaving or dressing it.


Threading hair has been traditionally adopted by people as the safest means of removing unwanted hair from their eyebrows. Threading is widely considered to be a highly sanitary practice as hair is removed with thread without even touching the skin in the process.



Good looking nails always attract a great deal of attention. Keeping your Nails attractive however is not the easiest of task as you cannot afford to take a one size fits all approach to have good looking nails. They need to be polished specifically according to the individual’s requirements.


Having innumerable varieties of colors at your disposal may be rather confusing for someone who is looking to get their hair colored. Our hair specialists have the unique knack of identifying the true nature of your hair and coloring it with the most appropriate shade.


Our highly advanced Hair Straightening and Smoothing has the capacity to solve even the most difficult of hair problems such as curly and disheveled hair. Undergoing hair strengthening procedures at the hands of our stylists will help you untangle even the most unruly curls. Our hair stylists advice clients to use best quality products for receiving the desired outcomes.


Our professionally and artistically driven stylists closely monitor the condition of your skin prior to giving facial treatment. Our experience of offering facial treatment allows us to help clients choose the most ideal facials that are well suited for your skin type.


At Homo sapiens we understand the importance of taking measures to ensure the complete protection and health of your priceless hair. Our stylists administer the best hair treatments to make sure that your hair remains healthy and radiant. Before performing treatment we take into account the environmental and chemical factors that may lead to the damage or discoloration of hair.


We regard manicure and pedicure as an integral part of our hair salon services. Your nails undoubtedly serve as a piece of art that complements your over appearance by adding an air of elegance. Here at Homo sapience you can choose from a variety of colors and finishes. Our diverse range of manicures is specifically tailored to meet your requirements.


Our makeup artists have mastered the art of giving the most flawless makeup services to clients. Whether you are preparing for social gathering, an unexpected business meeting or the most important event of your life, our artists have unique knack of understanding the subtleties of your requirements and offering the most desirable makeover imaginable.

Bridal & Groom Makeover

Wedding day marks the most significant occasion in a woman’s life. It is the dream of every bride to look graceful and elegant in her appearance on this wonderful occasion of considerable importance. Our stylists are much honored to have illuminated marital ceremonies of many brides by offering comprehensive bridal services that in include bridal makeup and hairstyle.

Tattoo & Piercing

Homo sapiens are equipped with tattoo artists who specialize in diverse varieties of innovative tattooing. Our tattoo artists invest a great deal of time and artistry in understanding the true requirements of each client. We make use of the opportunity have a face-to-face sit down with clients to fully grasp the varying tastes and interests of customers.

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