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From hair cutting, hair colouring, facial to bride and groom make-over, we house some of the most qualified stylists to ensure your wellness. Find out where you fit in.

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Hair Cutting

Our stylists assess the nature of your hair and suggest the most compatible hair products that will make your hair stand out from the rest. We make a point of giving each client the most comfortable haircut that will not only rejuvenate their day-to-day life but also embody their identity.

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Hair Colouring

The experienced hair stylists at Homo sapiens care about the health of your precious hair and therefore greatly insist on using non-ammonium products for colouring of hair. Our hairstylists carefully examine the length and thickness of your hear prior to applying desired shades.

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Hair Treatments

Our stylists administer the best hair treatments to make sure that your hair remains healthy and radiant. Before performing treatment we take into account the environmental and chemical factors that may lead to the damage or discolouration of hair.

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Bridal & Groom Makeover

Our diverse range of makeup services encompasses everything from hair coloring, beautification to manicure and pedicure. Our stylists do not shy away from experimenting with innovative styles such as celebrity-inspired wedding hairstyles, romantic hairstyles that suit different types of headpieces and veils.


Find out why so many at Homosapiens have been with the company for years, and why you should join us today!

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“I joined the TONI&GUY Beginner Course at St Christopher’s Place Academy in September 1993 – more than 20 years ago! I wanted to become a hairdresser and a friend of mine told me about TONI&GUY. So, I went to visit the flagship London Academy and loved everything about it, from meeting the Art Directors through to the energetic atmosphere, I left on a high wanting to join then and there. At that time TONI&GUY had Yasmin LeBon as the face for its window imagery so that was enough for me, I was hooked! I have worked my way up from an Assistant to Educational Director and everything in between from Head Academy Assistant, Stylist, Salon Staff Trainer, Head of Future Classic Course, London Academy Manager to Casting Consultant.”

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With salons at major locations across Kerala and plans for expansion to other states, Homosapiens are always within your reach.

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